September 12th, 1869, Sunday

May Swan had another daughter last Wednesday. Sarah North is at work there. Friday Eugene, Clara and I went to Woodstock, had our photo taken. Mother Swan came back with us. (We came home by way of Ringwood.) Father and Mother talk of going East. The Pacific Railroad was finished the 10th of last May.


February 11th, 1869, Thursday

May, Will and I went up to Woodstock yesterday. Left Clara and Nora over to Mother’s. Came back and took supper there. Mrs. Moses was there also. I have got the blues today and have cause. Anna has been quite sick since I wrote last.

January 8th, 1869, Friday

Stormy. Eugene and Father came up from Ringwood. They went to Woodstock yesterday. The lawsuit between Adin and Mr. Ames came off. Adin beat and I’m glad of it. John was sick with fever last October.


March 14th, 1868, Saturday

Adin moved his things today over to George Swan’s. He and Eugene went to Woodstock yesterday and saw Lawyer Church. He called Alfred Wilcox a rascal, said he had been insolvent for 10 years. Eugene’s school finished this forenoon. Kingman was in Thursday, came up here to dinner.


March 7th, 1868, Saturday

Still rains. Eugene, Adin and Father started for Woodstock but could get no further than Greenwood on account of the bad roads. Adin thinks he will have to leave his farm. Wilcox will not give a good title to the land, or he cannot, at least, for the farm is May’s.


October 22nd, 1865, Sunday afternoon

John Weeks and Hattie Caldwell, Jack Fuller and Mattie Norris were married this morning by Rev. Caldwell. John and Hattie are going to Iowa on their wedding tour. Carrie Green and Sanford Rotnour were married a week ago, Wednesday 11th. Rev. Fay married them. Carrie was married in brown silk. She had not taken off … Continue reading October 22nd, 1865, Sunday afternoon


October 8th, 1865, Sunday

Hannah and Isaac Knickerbocker have just been here. They stopped to dinner. Mother and Father have gone down to Uncle Jesse’s. Gene Swan was here last night but I did not see him. I expect he will be here again this evening. Last Monday 2nd I went to Anna Swan’s wedding. Went down to Ringwood … Continue reading October 8th, 1865, Sunday