August 31st, 1865, Thursday

It is very warm. I some expected Carrie Green over here this afternoon, but she hasn’t come yet and I don’t believe she will. Cora Hopkins I suppose started for Minnesota Tuesday. She and Frank Fields were here Sunday afternoon. Sunday forenoon Georgia Hodge, Soph, William Haney and I went to church. The text was … Continue reading August 31st, 1865, Thursday


Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday

Mother and May have gone up to Mr. Hodge’s to spend the afternoon. Sophronia and I are all alone. John is to work over to Covill’s thrashing, and Father and William Haney are down to Uncle Jesse’s cutting hay. John Gale of Ohio is dead. He died the 5th of this month of fever. I … Continue reading Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday

Hebron, Sunday October 2nd, 1864, Sunday

Gossip - Thursday we all went to the fair. I went with Eugene Swan. Cora Hopkins came home with us. Mary Dake and Carrie Baldwin want me to come and see them. I guess I will this winter. Carrie says the 95th Regiment boys are coming home to vote in November, but I guess she … Continue reading Hebron, Sunday October 2nd, 1864, Sunday


June 30th, 1864, Thursday

Tuesday afternoon Sophronia and I went over to Greens’s. I staid till yesterday afternoon, had a good social time. Sunday night Eugene Swan came here, he has asked me to go with him somewhere 4th of July. He called here last night and said if there was an excursion to Rockford or Chicago he should … Continue reading June 30th, 1864, Thursday


June 25th, 1864, Saturday

At Ringwood last Sunday they had a hard shower. It sprinkled here just enough to lay the dust. Our well is dry and I don’t know what we are going to do for water. Father went down to Crystal Lake Wednesday and Mother rode down as far as Swan’s. Will Swan came up with them … Continue reading June 25th, 1864, Saturday


Hebron, April 20th, 1864, Wednesday

It has been fair this week and I hope will continue so. Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Frothingham, and Aunt Gale, and Lydia Swan have been here today. I expect Eugene Swan over tonight. I set up with Amelia Fuller’s corpse Sunday night. Mrs. Covill and Mrs. Weeks set up with me. I was quite sick during … Continue reading Hebron, April 20th, 1864, Wednesday


March 20th, 1864, Sunday

Sophronia went down to Uncle Jesse’s and Gale’s yesterday. Harrison Loghry commenced to work. He says Saturday is a lucky day. It is rather cold, the wind is northwest. Friday night Eugene was here and spent the evening. We did not go to singing school, it was too windy. Had several games of backgammon. Mother … Continue reading March 20th, 1864, Sunday