March 21st, 1868, Sunday

I came home yesterday. Henry and Sophronia were here to dinner. Pleasant. Last Friday over to Father’s, Theron Streeter brought Mr. Birget and his wife up there. He is married to Eunice Utter. Was married a week ago Friday.


February 22nd, 1868, Saturday

Windy. Henry and Soph took dinner here. May is at Ringwood, went last week. Anna and George Smith were up last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Gookin, Jane Brown and Sophronia took tea here yesterday. Eugene’s cousin Carrie Lord is at Anna’s.

January 1st, 1868, Wednesday

The New Year came in cloudy and warm does not seem much like winter. Lottie Swan and Sophronia spent the afternoon here. Yesterday was very warm and pleasant. May and I went over to Father’s, rode over with Clarence. Sunday night I went to church up west (they are holding protracted meetings there, great revival), … Continue reading January 1st, 1868, Wednesday


August 31st, 1865, Thursday

It is very warm. I some expected Carrie Green over here this afternoon, but she hasn’t come yet and I don’t believe she will. Cora Hopkins I suppose started for Minnesota Tuesday. She and Frank Fields were here Sunday afternoon. Sunday forenoon Georgia Hodge, Soph, William Haney and I went to church. The text was … Continue reading August 31st, 1865, Thursday


August 11th, 1865, Friday Morn

I staid with Cora Hopkins last night (have just got home). She talks of going up to Minnesota to school in about three weeks. Anson Hopkins is paying his best respects to Persus Morgan. The report is they are engaged. He owns a farm in Minnesota and Cora is going up with him. Yesterday afternoon … Continue reading August 11th, 1865, Friday Morn


July 30th, 1865, Sunday

Aunt Eliza, Uncle Jesse and Mrs. Wilkins were here to supper. Soph and I have been up to the choir meeting. Eugene Swan came home with me.


July 22nd, 1865, Saturday

Mother was real sick last night. She and Father have gone down to Uncle Jesse’s. Mrs. Wilkins is there. She is Aunt Eliza’s sister from Dunkirk, New Hampshire. Soph and Georgia Hodge have gone up to Morgan’s. Eugene Swan has been here all the afternoon. He staid to supper. After supper he and I had … Continue reading July 22nd, 1865, Saturday