April 22nd, 1864, Friday

Edna and Adelia Morgan have just called here. They and their Father have been over to their old place to get some roots/raspberries, strawberries, currants, etc. but Adin Swan would not let them have any. They are awful mad. Last night Charlie Welch and Eugene Swan were here, they staid until nearly 12 o’clock. Charlie … Continue reading April 22nd, 1864, Friday


March 27th, 1864, Sunday

Frank Loghry and his Uncle Sam Brown came here last night to see Harrison Loghy. They have just left for Crystal Lake. Thursday I went up to Sanford Rotnour’s with Martha Frothingham. We went on the cars and came back Saturday morning. Bill Cormet the conductor let us go for nothing. I had a good … Continue reading March 27th, 1864, Sunday

March 17th, 1864, Thursday

It is trying to snow but has not made out much yet. Carrie Green, Cora Hopkins and Persus Morgan were here yesterday all day. Last night we all but Persus went up to Mead’s station to a singing school with Adin Swan and Eugene Swan. We had a gay time. I never laughed so much … Continue reading March 17th, 1864, Thursday


March 5th, 1864, Saturday

I was interrupted yesterday in writing. Anna and Eugene Swan took supper here. Last night we all went to singing school, it was not as good as ‘twas last week. Eugene wants me to go over to Tryons’s next Friday night to a party, but I don’t think I shall go, I’m not acquainted there. … Continue reading March 5th, 1864, Saturday


Hebron, February 6th, 1864, Saturday

May, John, Frone and I went down to Mr. Frothingham’s to a dance last night. Had a nice time, about 40 there. Not so great a crowd as there was last year. We was down there Wednesday night. Thursday we went down to Aunt Eliza’s, she is not very well. Albert talks of going to … Continue reading Hebron, February 6th, 1864, Saturday


Hebron, January 24th, 1864, Sunday

It is very pleasant, it thaws some. We expect Uncle Jesse, Aunt Eliza and Albert up here. Albert staid here Friday night. We all went up to Lyons to a singing school with Adin Swan and Joe Cooley. Anna Swan, Mrs. Sherman and Hat Taylor went also. Eugene came home with us.We had a gay … Continue reading Hebron, January 24th, 1864, Sunday


Hebron, January 21st, 1864, Thursday

Henry Gale and Susan, I suppose, will start for St. Louis this morning. May, Sophia, John and I was down to see them last night. Albert, Rosa Truex, and Frothinghams’s folks were there. We young folks danced, had a gay time. Tuesday afternoon I went over to school, Anna Swan, Georgia Hodge and I took … Continue reading Hebron, January 21st, 1864, Thursday