July 1st, 1872, Monday

Pleasant. Eugene and I went to Genoa and Richmond. I bought me a linen dress. I had a letter from Soph today. She has been down to Biddeford. She was having a splendid time. She was in Boston when she wrote. Is going to Dunbarton after the 4th. She says the city is crowded, people … Continue reading July 1st, 1872, Monday


October 20th, 1869, Saturday

Eugene and I were in Chicago (to Amos) a week or two ago. Went in Wednesday and staid until Saturday night. Left Clara with Sophronia and May. Mother and Father are East. They are going to visit in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Mr. Moses’ folks have gone to Missouri, all of them but Myron. … Continue reading October 20th, 1869, Saturday

March 6th, 1868, Friday

Rained hard all day. I came over here to Father’s Tuesday. Mother Swan came with me. We have been busy quilting all this week. John went to Richmond this afternoon, says the Nippersink Creek is very high. Eugene is here and is going to stay all night.


January 19th, 1866, Friday

I helped May Swan yesterday and this forenoon. The thrashers were there thrashing clover seed. They broke down about noon and have now gone to Richmond. They could have finished in about 2 hours longer. I rode down as far as the school house with Ade. Called to see Miss Johnson a few moments. She … Continue reading January 19th, 1866, Friday


December 31st, 1865, Sunday

A splendid evening, just as light as day. Hope it will be as pleasant tomorrow night. Eugene and I are going to attend the New Year’s Ball at Richmond. Sophronia will go with us. May is going with Adin Swan. He and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Eliza were up here Christmas. Tomorrow we all take … Continue reading December 31st, 1865, Sunday


November 22nd, 1865, Wednesday Night, 11PM

May, Soph and I were over to Calefs’s this afternoon, had a nice time. Went to Richmond this evening. When we got back found Eugene Swan here. This is my last day as Hattie Alexander. Before this time tomorrow I shall bear another name. I feel sober, dread the ordeal.


October 27th, 1865, Friday

(copied from my day journal) Rain, rain, rain! Will it ever cease. I came down here to Aunt Eliza’s Wednesday night and I guess I shall have to stay, for it has rained every day this week. The wind is strong east and it bids fair to rain the rest of the week. I was … Continue reading October 27th, 1865, Friday