December 31st, 1865, Sunday

A splendid evening, just as light as day. Hope it will be as pleasant tomorrow night. Eugene and I are going to attend the New Year’s Ball at Richmond. Sophronia will go with us. May is going with Adin Swan. He and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Eliza were up here Christmas. Tomorrow we all take … Continue reading December 31st, 1865, Sunday


Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday

It has been a long time since I have written in this book, but some how I didn’t care about doing anything this summer but build “air castles.” It is time for me to wake up. Tuesday was the 4th of /65. I anticipated lots of pleasure, but alas, for the hopes of this world. … Continue reading Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday

September 2nd, 1864, Friday

I had a letter from John Gale last night. I shall answer it soon. I have just written to Moses Frazier, John is writing now. Mother and Sophronia have gone down to Frothinghams’s this afternoon. They were not at home yesterday so Mother went down to Aunt Eliza’s. Eugene Swan was over here last night. … Continue reading September 2nd, 1864, Friday


August 12th, 1864, Friday night

We are having a nice thunder shower. I am afraid though it will rain tomorrow. Hope not for Soph and I and Carrie Green talk of going down to Ringwood to see Anna Swan. Georgia Hodge wants to go with us but I don’t believe she will now, for if she went she was coming … Continue reading August 12th, 1864, Friday night


July 28th, 1864, Thursday

Beautiful weather, just cool enough to be comfortable. I have been about sick today, did not get up till nine o’clock. Grandsire Gale was here to dinner. He says that Mrs. Weeks and William got home Tuesday night. William is some better. Mr. Sam Smith and his wife left Mr. Frothingham’s yesterday. Sarah Kane is … Continue reading July 28th, 1864, Thursday


June 15th, 1864, Picnic from Ringwood

The following was composed by Cornelia Morey and Anna Swan for the Woodstock Sentinel. We often notice in your paper accounts of the doings of the inhabitants of sister villages, but very little is said of our quiet town, and we have thought a few words from us might not be uninteresting to some of … Continue reading June 15th, 1864, Picnic from Ringwood


June 6th, 1864, Monday

Albert Alexander, Covill and Henry Birget are to work on the barn. They will nearly finish it I guess this week. I had a letter from Sarah last Friday, she is well, Amos is in Oshkosh, but she did not tell what he is doing. Yesterday Sophia and I called to Aunt Eliza’s, took dinner … Continue reading June 6th, 1864, Monday