March 6th, 1868, Friday

Rained hard all day. I came over here to Father’s Tuesday. Mother Swan came with me. We have been busy quilting all this week. John went to Richmond this afternoon, says the Nippersink Creek is very high. Eugene is here and is going to stay all night.


January 14th, 1865, Sunday

It is trying hard to snow. Hope it will succeed for I would like a sleigh ride. Mother and Father were down to Genoa yesterday. Mother called to Frothinghams’s on her way home. We all (Gene and I, John and Soph) went to the dance at Genoa last Monday night, had a nice time, did … Continue reading January 14th, 1865, Sunday

December 5th, 1865, Tuesday

John, May and Sophronia are going to Chicago tomorrow, are going to stay one night. Eugene and I are going over to Will Swan’s tonight and get the apples that is there. We came over here Sunday. Yesterday I made a pair of pants for Adin, the first pair I ever made.


November 29th, 1865, Wednesday

(copied from my day journal) I am keeping house. Came over here Monday afternoon. That evening May, Soph and John came over and yesterday May came over in the forenoon. In the afternoon Georgia Hodge, and in the evening Mrs. Sherman came. It stormed so they staid all night (they have just left). I must … Continue reading November 29th, 1865, Wednesday


November 17th, 1865, Friday

We spent the evening over to Swans’s (by we, I mean John, Soph, May and I). Had a game of cards. Adin Swan and I played against May and Mrs. Sherman (Gene Swan came home with me). Mrs. Frothingham and Mrs. Weeks were here to dinner yesterday. I’ve been keeping house, the rest were husking, … Continue reading November 17th, 1865, Friday


Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday

Mother and May have gone up to Mr. Hodge’s to spend the afternoon. Sophronia and I are all alone. John is to work over to Covill’s thrashing, and Father and William Haney are down to Uncle Jesse’s cutting hay. John Gale of Ohio is dead. He died the 5th of this month of fever. I … Continue reading Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday


August 14th, 1865, Monday

We are having splendid weather “all nature smiles,” as John says. Yesterday forenoon May, Soph, John, Will Haney and I went up in the woods, got a bag of hazel nuts. They are not ripe yet. Yesterday afternoon Soph and I went up to the choir meeting. Will Cooley and Mr. Hubbard were there, also … Continue reading August 14th, 1865, Monday