January 2nd, 1870, Sunday

Clara and I have been down to Uncle Jesse’s and Gales’s to make a visit. Johnnie is married to May Hewett, some one he found up North. She may be a nice girl, but I did not fancy her at all. She looks Irish. I wrote to May, she went back the 1st of last … Continue reading January 2nd, 1870, Sunday


January 7th, 1866, Sunday Forenoon

New Year’s Day was pleasant and warm. Had a nice time at Uncle Jesse’s, and a good time in the evening at the dance, quite a crowd there. Mattie Stone and Billy Rotnour were married that evening. They were married by Fay at Stone’s. Mat wore a blue silk. Frank Mead and Emma Colby from … Continue reading January 7th, 1866, Sunday Forenoon

December 31st, 1865, Sunday

A splendid evening, just as light as day. Hope it will be as pleasant tomorrow night. Eugene and I are going to attend the New Year’s Ball at Richmond. Sophronia will go with us. May is going with Adin Swan. He and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Eliza were up here Christmas. Tomorrow we all take … Continue reading December 31st, 1865, Sunday


December 24th, 1865, PM, Sunday

Eugene and I have been over to Will’s today. Will and May were gone down to Ringwood. They went yesterday. I guess they will spend Christmas down there. I’ve asked Adin Swan to come over tomorrow to dinner. He said he’d come. Aunt Eliza and Uncle Jesse are coming up. Eugene gave me $7 to … Continue reading December 24th, 1865, PM, Sunday


December 8th, 1865, Friday

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Eliza were up here this evening. They say Mrs. Sherman and Adolph Freeman were married last evening, “Well! Well! when will wonders cease,” as Clarence Truex says. They have only been acquainted a week. Tomorrow Eugene and I are going down to Ringwood to see Anna.


November 25th, 1865, Saturday

Two days a married woman. We were married Thursday night 23rd at Mr. Caldwell’s. George Swan and May went over with us. Uncle Jesse, Aunt Eliza and Eugene’s Mother spent the evening here. This afternoon we have been up to Mrs. Nobles’s. Had a nice visit. Georgia Hodge and Mrs. Sherman were there. Mrs. S. … Continue reading November 25th, 1865, Saturday


November 20th, 1865, Monday

Beautiful weather. Will Swan started for Tennessee this morning. He will be married I suppose to Miss May Love, does not intend to be gone but 2 weeks. Yesterday we were down to Uncle Gale’s. Called to Uncle Jesse’s coming home met Mr. and Mrs. Arkill, Mr. and Mrs. Warner there. Libbie Arkill had her … Continue reading November 20th, 1865, Monday