September 30th, 1865, Saturday

Mother and May have gone down to Frothinghams’s today. Mother went early this morning. Yesterday I went to the Fair with Eugene Swan. It did not amount to much. I would liked to have staid to the dance in the evening. I saw Henry Chase yesterday for the 1st time since his return. He said … Continue reading September 30th, 1865, Saturday


August 31st, 1865, Thursday

It is very warm. I some expected Carrie Green over here this afternoon, but she hasn’t come yet and I don’t believe she will. Cora Hopkins I suppose started for Minnesota Tuesday. She and Frank Fields were here Sunday afternoon. Sunday forenoon Georgia Hodge, Soph, William Haney and I went to church. The text was … Continue reading August 31st, 1865, Thursday

Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday

It has been a long time since I have written in this book, but some how I didn’t care about doing anything this summer but build “air castles.” It is time for me to wake up. Tuesday was the 4th of /65. I anticipated lots of pleasure, but alas, for the hopes of this world. … Continue reading Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday


Hebron, January 29th, 1865, Sunday

Last night Eugene Swan went to a war meeting and enlisted. Adin Swan did also. He is going down to Marengo Tuesday to be examined. I do hope he will be exempted, but almost know he will not. The town offers $600 bounty. It is pretty tempting, but I should rather not risk my life … Continue reading Hebron, January 29th, 1865, Sunday


Hebron, Sunday October 2nd, 1864, Sunday

Gossip - Thursday we all went to the fair. I went with Eugene Swan. Cora Hopkins came home with us. Mary Dake and Carrie Baldwin want me to come and see them. I guess I will this winter. Carrie says the 95th Regiment boys are coming home to vote in November, but I guess she … Continue reading Hebron, Sunday October 2nd, 1864, Sunday


Hebron, July 14th, 1864, Thursday

I had a letter from May yesterday dated the 7th and Soph had one written the day before the 4th. She wrote to me that she never had so miserable a time as she had the 4th, said she could have enjoyed herself better in “Dad’s barn.” Last Sunday Aunt Eliza, Albert Alexander and Uncle … Continue reading Hebron, July 14th, 1864, Thursday


Hebron, April 20th, 1864, Wednesday

It has been fair this week and I hope will continue so. Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Frothingham, and Aunt Gale, and Lydia Swan have been here today. I expect Eugene Swan over tonight. I set up with Amelia Fuller’s corpse Sunday night. Mrs. Covill and Mrs. Weeks set up with me. I was quite sick during … Continue reading Hebron, April 20th, 1864, Wednesday