December 26th, 1867, Thursday

Pleasant. Clarence Chandler is here. I do not like him very well. He is too forward. We spent the day yesterday at Father’s. Frothinghams’s folks were there. Had a nice dinner. It rained most all day, the first rainy Christmas I can remember seeing.


November 29th, 1867, Friday

Rains hard. We spent the day yesterday, Thanksgiving, at Frothinghams’s. Had a good dinner. Charlie Frothingham and some of his friends from Harvard were there. I suppose Adin and Achsah were joined together in the bonds of matrimony yesterday, November 28th, 1867. Eugene commenced teaching Monday here in our district.

January 14th, 1865, Sunday

It is trying hard to snow. Hope it will succeed for I would like a sleigh ride. Mother and Father were down to Genoa yesterday. Mother called to Frothinghams’s on her way home. We all (Gene and I, John and Soph) went to the dance at Genoa last Monday night, had a nice time, did … Continue reading January 14th, 1865, Sunday


November 10th, 1865, Friday

Mother and Sophronia are out husking corn. They get 75 cts a day. May and I do the house work. Yesterday May and Mrs. Sherman went down to see Anna Smith (Swan). She has not got settled yet. She and George Smith were papering. Mr. King’s folks left here Monday 6th for Uncle Jesse’s. They … Continue reading November 10th, 1865, Friday


September 30th, 1865, Saturday

Mother and May have gone down to Frothinghams’s today. Mother went early this morning. Yesterday I went to the Fair with Eugene Swan. It did not amount to much. I would liked to have staid to the dance in the evening. I saw Henry Chase yesterday for the 1st time since his return. He said … Continue reading September 30th, 1865, Saturday


September 23rd, 1865, Saturday

Very warm weather for the past week, the warmest September I ever knew. It cannot be healthy. Wednesday 20th Sarah Weeks and Bertie Myers were here. Bertie staid till Thursday night. Thursday afternoon Mother and May were down to Frothinghams’s. In the evening Mrs. Sherman, Will Swan and Eugene Swan were here. Mrs. Sherman and … Continue reading September 23rd, 1865, Saturday


September 3rd, 1865, Sunday

Yesterday May, Sophronia and I went down to Frothinghams’s. Last evening we all went to R. John Gale took us into the restaurant and treated us to ice cream. It has been very warm today. Eugene Swan was here this evening. Splendid moon.