April 20th, 1873, Sunday

Rather pleasant. Mother and Father spent the day here. Mother is troubled for breath quite bad. We have had a very backward spring after a terrible cold winter. Eugene is going to sow wheat tomorrow. We have had two pretty hard thundershowers this spring. I read in the paper that in Mississippi and Iowa they … Continue reading April 20th, 1873, Sunday


July 1st, 1872, Monday

Pleasant. Eugene and I went to Genoa and Richmond. I bought me a linen dress. I had a letter from Soph today. She has been down to Biddeford. She was having a splendid time. She was in Boston when she wrote. Is going to Dunbarton after the 4th. She says the city is crowded, people … Continue reading July 1st, 1872, Monday

May 12th, 1872, Sunday

Cloudy, looks like rain. I have been over to Father’s today, took both children. Aunt Clara was there. She and Soph start for Mass. next Wednesday. Father went after Emma Kuffman this afternoon. She is going to work for them awhile. Mother is feeling miserable, but guess talking to Aunt Clara has not done her … Continue reading May 12th, 1872, Sunday


October 9th, 1871

Eugene was down to Genoa today. Heard Chicago was all afire. Shall hear more particulars tomorrow. May has gone down to St. Louis. Uncle Haskel is dead. Died last month.


October 20th, 1869, Saturday

Eugene and I were in Chicago (to Amos) a week or two ago. Went in Wednesday and staid until Saturday night. Left Clara with Sophronia and May. Mother and Father are East. They are going to visit in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Mr. Moses’ folks have gone to Missouri, all of them but Myron. … Continue reading October 20th, 1869, Saturday


September 12th, 1869, Sunday

May Swan had another daughter last Wednesday. Sarah North is at work there. Friday Eugene, Clara and I went to Woodstock, had our photo taken. Mother Swan came back with us. (We came home by way of Ringwood.) Father and Mother talk of going East. The Pacific Railroad was finished the 10th of last May.


February 25th, 1869, Thursday

Eugene and I went down to Joe Cooley’s yesterday, staid all night. Anna Swan and George Smith, Adin Swan and Achsah Chandler were there. Came back today. Spent the afternoon at Sanford Rotnour’s, Carrie Green has two children, a girl and a boy, the youngest is 6 or 7 months old. Theron and Eunice Streeter … Continue reading February 25th, 1869, Thursday