July 19th, 1872, Friday

Pleasant. I have been over to see Mother most every day this week. I feel worried about her. They expected Frone home last night, but were disappointed. She will come sometime this week. While I was there this afternoon. Aunt Eliza and Mrs. Robinson came and Mr. and Mrs. Weeks called. Mother’s cough is awful … Continue reading July 19th, 1872, Friday


February 16th, 1866, Friday

Cold as Greenland. Have had a hard storm. The snow is drifted bad. Eugene’s Father and Mother were up Tuesday and staid till Wednesday noon. I hope they got home safe. Emma Pate is dead. Was buried last Sunday. Sophronia is still down to Aunt Eliza’s.

December 8th, 1865, Friday

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Eliza were up here this evening. They say Mrs. Sherman and Adolph Freeman were married last evening, “Well! Well! when will wonders cease,” as Clarence Truex says. They have only been acquainted a week. Tomorrow Eugene and I are going down to Ringwood to see Anna.