October 8th, 1865, Sunday

Hannah and Isaac Knickerbocker have just been here. They stopped to dinner. Mother and Father have gone down to Uncle Jesse’s. Gene Swan was here last night but I did not see him. I expect he will be here again this evening. Last Monday 2nd I went to Anna Swan’s wedding. Went down to Ringwood … Continue reading October 8th, 1865, Sunday


August 31st, 1865, Thursday

It is very warm. I some expected Carrie Green over here this afternoon, but she hasn’t come yet and I don’t believe she will. Cora Hopkins I suppose started for Minnesota Tuesday. She and Frank Fields were here Sunday afternoon. Sunday forenoon Georgia Hodge, Soph, William Haney and I went to church. The text was … Continue reading August 31st, 1865, Thursday

Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday

Mother and May have gone up to Mr. Hodge’s to spend the afternoon. Sophronia and I are all alone. John is to work over to Covill’s thrashing, and Father and William Haney are down to Uncle Jesse’s cutting hay. John Gale of Ohio is dead. He died the 5th of this month of fever. I … Continue reading Hebron, August 23rd, 1865, Wednesday


August 11th, 1865, Friday Morn

I staid with Cora Hopkins last night (have just got home). She talks of going up to Minnesota to school in about three weeks. Anson Hopkins is paying his best respects to Persus Morgan. The report is they are engaged. He owns a farm in Minnesota and Cora is going up with him. Yesterday afternoon … Continue reading August 11th, 1865, Friday Morn


July 11th, 1865, Tuesday

Mother and Mrs. Hodge have gone up to Mrs. Morgan’s. Cora Hopkins is here and is going to stay all night. It is real pleasant. Father has hired a young fellow today for two months for $55. His name is William Haney. Eugene Swan was here yesterday afternoon and staid to supper. We have been … Continue reading July 11th, 1865, Tuesday


June 21st, 1865, Wednesday

Charlie, May and Martha Frothingham, Georgia Hodge, Cora Hopkins, Carrie Green and Mattie Stone were here yesterday and made a visit. We are all going over to see Cora Hopkins this afternoon. I shall go down to Genoa and see the church dedicated first. We expect Georgia Hodge over to go with us. The 22nd … Continue reading June 21st, 1865, Wednesday


May 24th, 1865, Wednesday

Sophronia, John, Eugene and I went down to R to the exhibition and dance. Had a good time to the party, quite a number there. Charlie Frothingham was there, he came home Tuesday and staid till Friday night. Friday afternoon he and Logan Hamilton called here a few moments. After they went away Eugene Swan, … Continue reading May 24th, 1865, Wednesday