July 1st, 1872, Monday

Pleasant. Eugene and I went to Genoa and Richmond. I bought me a linen dress. I had a letter from Soph today. She has been down to Biddeford. She was having a splendid time. She was in Boston when she wrote. Is going to Dunbarton after the 4th. She says the city is crowded, people … Continue reading July 1st, 1872, Monday


January 30th, 1866, Tuesday

Albert Alexander and Sophronia were up here yesterday. Albert got home Saturday night. Soph is staying there now. Aunt Eliza is sick, threatened with a fever. Anna Swan and George Smith staid here Saturday night. Sunday we went to meeting to the Baptist Church. About a dozen baptized, Marietta Nobles, John and Anna Miller among … Continue reading January 30th, 1866, Tuesday

Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday

It has been a long time since I have written in this book, but some how I didn’t care about doing anything this summer but build “air castles.” It is time for me to wake up. Tuesday was the 4th of /65. I anticipated lots of pleasure, but alas, for the hopes of this world. … Continue reading Hebron, July 6th, 1865, Thursday


June 25th, 1865, Sunday

Rev. Corman died yesterday. His body will be taken to his Father’s home today. They are going to run a special train. How he will be missed by his friends around here. Every one loved him. I have not heard the particulars of his death yet. Sophronia and I was down to Aunt Eliza’s yesterday … Continue reading June 25th, 1865, Sunday


April 14th, 1865, Friday

Lee has surrendered to Grant, news came Monday 10th, people almost run wild with joy, at R. They had a great time. John was down and staid till midnight. Said he never had a better time 4th of July. They burnt tar, fired guns, and anvils, rang the bells and all seemed nearly crazy. Several … Continue reading April 14th, 1865, Friday


April 7th, 1865, Sunday

I have been to church twice today, up west this afternoon with Albert Alexander, and to Richmond this forenoon. Mrs. Green’s funeral sermon was preached. She was buried Wednesday 5th, and they intended to have the funeral then, but the minister did not come. Frank Corman was gone so they went to Ringwood after Elmer … Continue reading April 7th, 1865, Sunday


April 4th, 1865, Tuesday

Cornelia Nixon, Juliana, Marietta and Tony Nobles were here yesterday afternoon and evening. About dark Albert Alexander came up. Sophronia and I have been down to Weeks’s this afternoon. Richmond is taken by Grant, good news came last night. Mrs. Green is dead. She died this morning about 7 o’clock. The funeral is tomorrow. She … Continue reading April 4th, 1865, Tuesday