June 11th, 1871, Sunday

Adin and Achsah spent the day here. Achsah has another son born the 5th of May. The 17 year Locusts are here. The air seems full of them. I dislike to hear them. Emma Kuffman is at work here. I like her first rate.


November 24th, 1870, Thursday

Thanksgiving day spent the day over to Father’s. May and her two children started for Nashville the 2nd week of this month. Will is at work part of the time at Ades’ and part of time to Smith’s. Father’s folks had a dance last month, about 30 there. Mother is very miserable. I have a … Continue reading November 24th, 1870, Thursday

February 25th, 1869, Thursday

Eugene and I went down to Joe Cooley’s yesterday, staid all night. Anna Swan and George Smith, Adin Swan and Achsah Chandler were there. Came back today. Spent the afternoon at Sanford Rotnour’s, Carrie Green has two children, a girl and a boy, the youngest is 6 or 7 months old. Theron and Eunice Streeter … Continue reading February 25th, 1869, Thursday


January 8th, 1869, Friday

Stormy. Eugene and Father came up from Ringwood. They went to Woodstock yesterday. The lawsuit between Adin and Mr. Ames came off. Adin beat and I’m glad of it. John was sick with fever last October.


July 30th, 1868

William has built a house a few rods east of ours and they are living in it now. It is much pleasanter for us both. John Whaple is to work here. Mr. Nobles’s folks moved out to Iowa last spring. Adin has bought a farm at Ringwood south of his Father’s place. Aunt Julia and … Continue reading July 30th, 1868


March 14th, 1868, Saturday

Adin moved his things today over to George Swan’s. He and Eugene went to Woodstock yesterday and saw Lawyer Church. He called Alfred Wilcox a rascal, said he had been insolvent for 10 years. Eugene’s school finished this forenoon. Kingman was in Thursday, came up here to dinner.


March 7th, 1868, Saturday

Still rains. Eugene, Adin and Father started for Woodstock but could get no further than Greenwood on account of the bad roads. Adin thinks he will have to leave his farm. Wilcox will not give a good title to the land, or he cannot, at least, for the farm is May’s.