A Note About Hattie’s Diary Blog

  “Miss Hattie Alexander’s Diary” blog was provided by Robin Melissa Bosworth Reininger, Great Great Granddaughter of Harriet Elizabeth “Hattie” Alexander Swan. Special thanks to Austin Cooper for transcribing my grandfather, Wilder Morris Bosworth D.D.S.’s, handwritten copy of Hattie's Diary and gifting the diary to me. Special thanks to Austin for sending me the two … Continue reading A Note About Hattie’s Diary Blog


April 20th, 1873, Sunday

Rather pleasant. Mother and Father spent the day here. Mother is troubled for breath quite bad. We have had a very backward spring after a terrible cold winter. Eugene is going to sow wheat tomorrow. We have had two pretty hard thundershowers this spring. I read in the paper that in Mississippi and Iowa they … Continue reading April 20th, 1873, Sunday

July 14th, 1872, Sunday

Pleasant. Mother Swan came up today. Is going to stay a week. Our folks have sent for Soph. I never saw Mother look so miserable. Flora Covill is there now. Mat Gookin only staid a week. I have got a sewing machine, a Singer bought the 2nd of July.