Hebron, April 10th, 1864, Sunday

It is still cloudy and rainy. What would I give to see the sun once more. I’m afraid Father will not get his grain in the ground before May if this weather continues. We had a letter from May last night. She says they have had an awful storm of snow and rain in Boston. She is very home sick, talks of coming home this Fall and will try to get work in Chicago. I do hope she will. Mother went down to Brown’s auction. She got herself and Sophronia and I a delaine dress, paid 30 cents a yd. She also bought 26 yds of cotton cloth at 34 cts a yd.

I saw Anna Swan, Achsah Chandler and Hattie Taylor go over to Adin Swan’s Friday. I wanted to go over and see them, but it rained too hard in the afternoon. Persus, Delia and Alice Morgan called here yesterday. They had been over to Fullers’s. Amelia is better. They think she will now get well. Cornelius Birget and his wife have parted. Lilly is now at Charlie’s. Cornelius has got a mistress to keep his house, one he thinks more of than his wife. Mrs. and Mr. Harrison have sold all their household furniture, intending to go to Minnesota this spring. They are now sorry they done so for they could have taken Lilly home.

We had a cow die last night. That makes two we have lost since May went away. May is going to write to me this week and send her photograph to Eugene. I hope she will send one to me, for she took the one she gave me last Fall and sent it to Charles Myrick just before he started for California.


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