April 7th, 1864, Thursday

It has rained nearly all the time for over a week. I do wish it would clear off. I went down to Aunt Eliza’s yesterday, and staid to dinner. In the afternoon was going over to Robinson’s, but he was going to Brown’s auction with his wife, and Mrs. Howard and Warner. He invited Sophronia, Aunt Eliza and I to go and we went. I called to see Mrs. Marvin, she got back from Natchez last Saturday. Mother intends to go down to Richmond this afternoon if it stops raining. Old Mr. Hopkins died last Thursday night of old age. He was 81 years old. His funeral was Sunday at 10 o’clock over to the South school house. The house was crowded, all could not get in. Mattie Line, Eugene Ryan, Eugene Swan and I sat up with the corpse Saturday night. I don’t think Mr. Hopkins’s folks felt very bad.

Saturday afternoon Sarah Welch and Melissa Sherman came here. Mrs. Sherman staid till Sunday night. Adeline Van Knocker staid here Friday night. She came to Richmond from Antioch after weeping willows. I do believe she is crazy. I was afraid of her. Monday Eugene Swan came here soon after dinner and staid until after dark. We had several games of backgammon. I beat him nearly every time. There is going to be a dance to Rotnour’s tomorrow night. I don’t think now I shall go. John McConnell starts for California next week. I believe this party is on his account.

Jane Rowe, or Jane Benson tis now, has got a little girl. She has been married only four months.


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