March 27th, 1864, Sunday

Frank Loghry and his Uncle Sam Brown came here last night to see Harrison Loghy. They have just left for Crystal Lake. Thursday I went up to Sanford Rotnour’s with Martha Frothingham. We went on the cars and came back Saturday morning. Bill Cormet the conductor let us go for nothing. I had a good time. Thursday I called to Lottie Hendrickson, afterwards went to meeting and singing school. Friday Lina, Hat and I called to see Jane Benson, at night we all went to the depot. There was an exhibition to Richmond. Friday night, also a free dance. I wish I could have gone. I saw Henry Sheldon, Duportah Sampson and George Bailey over to Genoa yesterday. They were there and they said they had a grand time. I saw Ed Lines on the cars yesterday. He says that Charlie Welch is at Cherry Valley. He had re-enlisted. I should like to see him first rate and hear some of his big stories. I called over to John Welch’s last night and told them what Ed said.

Yesterday there was a grand wolf hunt, everybody went. John Welch said there were over 200. Nobody saw the wolf nor heard him. They went on a Tom’s fool errand. I had a letter from JV last week, he sent me his photograph, he writes good letters, a little too much love though. Albert got home from St. Louis Wednesday night. I took dinner there yesterday. Lydia Swan was here Wednesday afternoon and staid to supper.


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