March 13th, 1864, Sunday

We had a letter from Sheboygan day before yesterday. Sarah is very sick and has been for four months. They sent for her Mother but she cannot go for her health is not good this spring. I called over to see Amelia Fuller yesterday, she is little better.

Friday I went to school, ‘twas the last day, guess Anna Swan is glad. Friday night went over to Tryons’s with Eugene to a party. Adin Swan, Achsah Chandler, Mrs. Sherman, John Weeks and Sarah, Georgia and Sarah Cane went also. Should have had a good time if my head had not ached so hard. Tuesday Bell Fenner and Achsah Chandler called here and I went over to Swans’s and staid all day. That night we all went to a singing school. Thursday night Anna and Achsah came here and staid all night. Wednesday we had a heavy thunder shower, the lightning struck Mr. Householder’s barn and burnt it down with all his hay and grain, also killed 4 head of cattle and 3 sheep. Father has commenced on his barn. Last Sunday Georgia Hodge, Sophronia Gale, Sophia and I called down to Frothingham’s. John McConnell was there as usual. I wonder if he cares anything for May, he goes there two or three times a week. I sometimes think he likes her and then again I think he is just flirting with her. May is a smart girl and would make him a good wife.


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